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Customer Feedback

In China, a lot of patients went to see Dr. Wei Huang because some hospitals could not give them help. At last, they were successfully treated by Dr. Wei Huang in his hospital. Those patients felt surprised and very grateful. They gave many silk banners to the hospital to show their appreciation. The following picture shows some of the banners on the wall of the consulting room of his hospital. ¡¡

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Miss Wendy of Larbert who suffered tinnitus etc. writes
"Dr Wei Huang, Thank you so much for your intervention in my condition. I was told by my doctor that western medicine could not help me cure my tinnitus or continued pins and needles sensation and that I would have to leave to live with this. After just 1 session with you, my pins & needls had completely disappeared and after a further 3 sessions in combunation with herbal medicine my tinitus has almost completely gone. I took my 'normal' hearing for granted before I got tinnitus and now thanks to you, my hearing has now returned to normal."
Ms McClellan of Dunbartonshire who suffered from bad acne writes
¡°I would like to thank Dr. Wei Huang so much, he has changed my life, I shall be grateful to him for ever more .¡°
Mrs. Gilmour from Falkirk writes
¡°I limped into your surgery with bad arthritis in my knee, but after the most wonderful attention from you I am now walking properly and that makes me feel great¡±.
Mr. Brooks of Falkirk writes
"I suffered continual pain in my left wrist which travelled up to my shoulder and neck following an injury 5 years back / Now having nearly completed my course of sessions with yourself I feel like a new person and I am now able to do things that I previously couldn¡¯t¡±.
Mrs. Gray from Denny writes
"For years I suffered with red, itchy and irritating eyes. After conventional medical treatment my eyes still caused me distress. I started a course of treatment with Doctor Huang in November 2007 and now my eyes are normal the redness and itching have completely gone. It is a great relief and the quality of my life is greatly improved. I can not thank Dr. Huang enough.
Mrs Downie from Falkirk writes
"I would like to thank you very much for helping my daughter / She had suffered with knee pain for over a year but after 9 sessions completed she is now back to her Irish dancing. Her Dad was so impressed he wants to book sessions with Dr. Huang to help him stop smoking".
Lynn from Falkirk writes
" I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude to you for the treatment I received as your patient.
At the time of my treatment I was going through a particularly bad time with work, my work had increased and the department was under review which really left me stressed, tired and in a bad mood which is not normally me. This was going on for about 6 months before I went to my own Doctor who suggested I take time of work and prescribed me pills. I didn't want to do this so I was pleased that on the same day you were able to see me. I was given a course of Acupuncture and noticed the difference after only a few sessions. I am really scared of needles so I must admit I did not look forward to my sessions but every time it was very relaxing and you took very good care of me.
I still have no idea how it works but I now feel great and I have lots more energy and feel that the bad stress I had is gone.
Thank you
Kind regards,
ps Thank you for being so flexible with re arranging my appointments when I was running late."
Originals of these letters and others can be seen at our Clinic.
We wish to also relate the heartwarming story of Vanessa who came to see Dr. Huang in 2009 first.
Vanessa and her husband had been trying for a baby for a considerable time, she had suffered from many times tragic miscarriages after miscarriages and decided, as the NHS offered no solutions, she would consult Dr. Huang at our Clinic. Vanessa had made up her mind that she would embrace Dr. Huang's advice and treatment wholeheartedly, and regularly come for acupuncture sessions. The result of this dedication,we are delighted to report, is a fine healthy baby boy named Jago. Vanessa brought her new son to see Dr. Huang. The picture below speaks volumes.

Now, Jago is more than 3 years old and Vanessa has successfully had another baby.

Another fascinating story is from Carol,
¡°I suffered from many years of hormonal problems and subsequently had an inability to conceive. I was advised by western medicine that the likelihood of IVF success was less than 5% and my best chance of conception was with a donor egg.
I read about Traditional Chinese Medicine and decided to try Dr Huang¡¯s clinic. Very soon after beginning treatment of acupuncture and herbs I began to feel better and noticed a significant improvement in my hormonal problems.
Eventually we underwent IVF alongside Dr Huang¡¯s treatment regime, and to our amazement we successfully became pregnant on our 1st cycle with my own egg. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in February 2012.
We cannot thank Dr Huang enough, he believed in us and gave us hope when we were almost written off by Western medicine.¡± The good healthy baby named Matthew.Carol brought her new son to see Dr. Huang. The picture below speaks volumes.If you go to the following links , you can see more stores about how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to help pregnancy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0LVBcVIQ8c

Since May 2013, the Matthew was more than 1 year, he started walking round in the rooms.
Charlotte writes from Bonnybridge.
Dear Dr. Wei Huang
In late March I arrived in your surgery on the suggestion of a friend, who could see I was reaching desperation point.
I had been struggling with my health since December with a series of colds and sore throats which all quickly developed to what my GP noted as " Upper Respiratory Tract Infections x 3 since December". The advice was "steam, paracetamol and rest".
I needed a profesional to respond proactively to what was obvious to me and all around me-that my previous good health had gradually broken down over the winter period. I was coughing continually, had lost my voice and had recurring sinusitis and chest infections. Uncertainty and stress at work was no doubt a contributory factor. I finally developed a complete ring of cold sores around my mouth! Something was clearly going badly wrong. I needed a treatment plan that was holistic and in which I could gain confidence.
You were unperturbed about taking on what I thought was a real challenge. In just 9 sessions over 2 months you have worked with me through acupuncture, herbs and sometimes reflexology to restore my health and well being. I was able to see the benefits quickly. The focus was initially on my vocal chords, chest and lungs. We worked next on my energy levels and low mood, as you described it. Finally we are supporting and boosting my immune system to prevent future recurrence.
Over this period you have advised on diet, the need to keep a check on my blood pressure (which I now do) and latterly you have shown me how to administer some reflexology for myself. I need only a few more treatments. I have not only benefited from your medical intervention-I take away some new approaches to managing my future health.
I really appreciate the genuine interest and care you have taken over my situation. Your questions have been pertinent and I feel very fortunate to have received your expertise which has been purposeful and positive.
So thank you very much indeed. I'm very glad that you were recommended to me. In turn, I am very happy to let others know how successful you have been in supporting me back to good health.
Yours sincerely,
Charlotte Kidd.¡±
Mrs.Julie Keith from Dunfermline
Aoife had eczema since birth,she had red itchy sore patches on various parts of her body. Aoife has used a steroid cream for many years however her eczema would always return within days. Dr.Huang cured Aoife's eczema within 6 weeks using acupuncture and herbs. This has been life changing for Aoife ,she is no longer embarrassed to change in front of other children or go swimming. Aoife has now been clear of eczema for 9 months. We can not thank Dr Wei Huang enough. Dr Huang should be available to everyone as his methods work, should we ever have any further illness or ailments I would use Dr Wang before seeing my local G.P. Thank you Dr. Huang
Mrs.Alison Frasen from Linlithgow,said
I came to Dr.Huang when I had a trapped nerve that caused me numbness in my left knee and had not been offered any solution by my GP except to go on a waiting list to see a consultant. After several sessions of acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs,I now have normal feeling in my knee.As a bonus, the treatment has also improved my digestion and my dry skin. I have suffered from very dry skin all my life and have had to apply moisturisers daily. I now only apply them occasionally. I am now continuing with treatment for osteoarthritis and so far results are promising. And finally,
Miss Gayle Alexander from Falkirk,said
I visited recently as I had suffered from temporomandibular joint disorder for the past 3 years. I've had 5 acupuncture sessions and have noticed a big reduction in my pain. The sessions are very relaxing and I'm finding that my overall mood has improved.